Umbrellas hide behind chairs.

How many chickens crossed the road
to get to the other side? Words can never say.

Words can never say, me, I feel like I'm going
out of my mind-house, I'm out of my tree-house,
I'm climbing the walls of my mind, like chalk
on the blackboard, class. Class? Class!

Something words can never say, how I feel blue
hands creeping up my thigh, how blue skies make me feel like
something words can never say.

Warning: health and welfare canada advises that danger

Chemistry and physics are having a sadomasochistic relationship,
chemistry is the guilt of physics, god knows
words can never say.

Danger to health increases,
shadows grow longer with a certain amount
of venus, thick underbrush. Under my thumb,
a stamp, Position Only. If only words could say,
it's quite impossible, there's not a ghost of a chance,
but words can never say.

It's a matter of communication, they say.
What is it? I'm left hanging in mind-air,
followed at night by a large question mark.